Useful resources for you as a guitar player.

chord progressions in chord namesChord progressions

A series of articles presenting lots of guitar chord progressions.

Advanced progressions | Progressions in various keys | Progressions in songs

cropped fretboard with notes Fretboard with notes

Illustration of the fretboard that helps you learn all the notes on the guitar fretboard.

Including: Note location, Octaves

skewed tableKey and chord chart

Chart below is a guide that helps you find the right chord using a capo.

Including: Expanded chart, Chord possibilities

capoTransposition chart for capo

Guide for find right chords using a capo.

Including: Examples of how the chord changes, Choose the right capo

illustration with dots and arrowsMovable chord shapes

Learn lots of chords fast by memorizing a couple of moving shapes.

Including: 6th, 9th, 11th, 13th chords

cropped chord diagramEmbellishment chords

Chords that can be used as embellishments.

Including: "embellishment chords"

cropped chord diagramChords that involve the thumb

Chords that can or must be played with the thumb involved.

Including: movable and open position chords

chord explained with illustrationChord theory

A short introduction of the theory behind chords.

Including: Chord comparisons, The connections of chords

strings with numbersThe strings of a guitar

The names and numbers of each string of the guitar is explained.

Including: Tuning, String connections


Examples of voicings.

Including: diagrams

Chord with slideSlide chords

Examples of chords with a slide.

Including: diagrams

Chord in tabChord training

Exercises for chord training.

Including: pdf files

MetronomeChord strumming with metronome

Exercises for chord playing in tempos.

Including: diagrams, sounds

More articles and guitar lessons

Here are free guitar lessons in written articles. The articles combine texts and chord diagrams and tabs if necessary. More articles will show up here now and then.

Video lessons

Here are free guitar lessons in video format.