Free guitar lessons in written articles and interactive instuctions.

Start here: Easy chords

Interactive: Chord progressions over music backing tracks

The fundamentals: 7 "how-to" guides

Chord chartHow to read chord diagrams

Explanation of what information is found in a chord diagram.

c chord in close upHow to place the fingers

Short guidelines of how to place the fingers when playing the guitar.

g chord in close upHow to switch between chords

Short guidelines of how to change chords when playing the guitar.

strumming handHow to strum a chord

Short guidelines of how to strum a guitar chord.

A chordHow to read short notated guitar chords

Explanation of how chord diagrams is written in text.

arpeggios cropHow to play arpeggios

Arpeggios for guitar - facts and examples.

tablature cropHow to read tabs (tablature)

Extensive guide with facts and examples.

Mixed guitar lessons

Learn all about how to play guitar chords

A guide for the beginner who wants to know all the fundamentals of the subject.

The easiest guitar chords that exist

If you are a complete beginner and find it hard to learn chords this may be the article for you.

The relationship between chords and scales

What is the difference between a chord and a scale? How can you use chords and scales together?

Correct left-hand positions

You should hold the guitar in the best possible way. Read the article for tips and reasons for the best positions for your left hand.

Learn useful chord progressions

A fundamental course for learning common chord progressions. Progressions by three and four chords in different music styles.

The boom-chuck style

The boom-chuck is a very common and natural concept for chord playing and here comes a guide on that subject.

Practice on chords - tips and tools

Methods to use for learning chords and exercises for chord changes.

Chords that sound good together

This is among the first things you want to know after you have learned a few chords.

Chords suited for electric guitar

A lesson on how different chords can be suitable for an electric guitar depending on if the clean or distortion channel is used.

Learn and practice chord progressions