Free guitar lessons - Articles

Here are free guitar lessons in written articles. The articles combine texts and chord diagrams and tabs if necessary. More articles will show up here now and then.

Learn all about how to play guitar chords

A guide for the beginner who wants to know all the fundamentals of the subject.

Level: Beginner

The easiest guitar chords that exist

If you are a complete beginner and find it hard to learn chords this may be the article for you.

Level: Beginner

Cool guitar techniques

A few techniques can be the big difference from sounding plain to add some cool sounds to your guitar playing.

Level: Intermediate

Fingerpicking patterns

Example how chords can ne played in fingerpicking patterns?

Level: Intermediate

The relationship between chords and scales

What is the difference between a chord and a scale? How can you use chords and scales together?

Level: Beginner

Correct left hand positions

You should hold the guitar in the best possible way. Read the article for tips and reasons for the best positions for your left hand.

Level: Beginner

Give your chords more blues feeling

In this lesson, you learn special chords that make your guitar sound bluesy. The article shows progressions and chord diagrams.

Level: Intermediate

Movable chord shapes

Learn lots of chords fast by memorizing a couple of moving shapes.

Level: Intermediate

Uncommon chord progressions

A course for learning uncommon chord progressions. Progression that uses fewer common chords.

Level: Advanced

Practice on chords - tips and tools

Methods to use for learning chords and exercises for chord changes.

Level: Beginner

Chords that sound good together

This is among the first things you want to know after you have learned a few chords.

Level: Beginner

Chromatic transitions in chord changes

This article explains how to do smooth chord transitions by inserting notes between the chords. This gives you lots of possibilities when arranging music.

Level: Intermediate

Chords and the root note

An explanation of the relation between the root and the other notes in a chord.

Level: Intermediate

Chords suited for electric guitar

A lesson on how different chords can be suitable for an electric guitar depending on if the clean or distortion channel is used.

Level: Beginner

Chords for left-handed guitar

Horizontally mirrored chords for anyone using left-handed guitars.

Level: Intermediate

Learn how to write songs

A guide to songwriting with song examples.

Level: Intermediate

The CAGED system

The so-called CAGED system can help you to navigate on the fretboard.

Level: Intermediate