Chord strumming with metronome

Guitar on the carpetTo strum along with other musicians, it's important to be able to play in tempo. A metronome is a common training tool for improve your tempo feel. Here you can play with an metronome that instead for the somewhat boring click sound uses sounds from a drum kit.

Some progression (you can of course replace these with other chords):

F – G – C – E

Em – Bm – C – D – G

D – Dmaj7 – G – Gmaj7

D – D/B – A – F#m – Em7 – A7 – D

F – C – A – Dm – Bb – C – F

C – Caug – F – Fm – C – G7

Chose a tempo with the metronome, bpm is abbreviation for beat per minute.

Metronome bpm sound
60 hi-hat
80 hi-hat
100 hi-hat
120 hi-hat
120 hi-hat (8ths), bass drum
120 hi-hat (8ths), bass drum, snare
120 hi-hat (8ths), bass drum, bass (E key)
120 hi-hat (8ths), bass drum, snare, bass (E key)
140 hi-hat (8ths), bass drum, snare, bass (E key)

It's recommended that you start in a slow tempo and gradually increase. This is a great way to learn and conquer progressions.

The last metronome examples with bass can be used for rock and blues foremost.

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