Styles – Articles

Here are free guitar lessons in written articles. The articles combine texts and chord diagrams plus tabs if necessary. More articles will show up here now and then.

blues guitarBlues

Introduction to blues guitar.

Including: Blues shuffle, 12 bar blues progressions, accompaniments

jazz guitarJazz

Introduction to jazz guitar.

Including: chords, movable chord, basslines, chord progressions

rock guitarRock

Introduction to rock guitar.

Including: chords, chord progressions, chords on electric guitar

punk guitarPunk

Introduction to punk guitar.

Including: Examples with Ramones, The Clash, Nirvana and Green Day

funk guitarFunk

Introduction to funk style on the guitar.

Including: chords, progressions

Singer-songwriter guitarSinger-songwriter

Introduction to singer-songwriter style and concepts.

Including: chords, keys, progressions, tools

Rock 'n' roll guitarRock'n'roll

Introduction to rock'n'roll and rockabilly guitar style.

Including: chords, progressions

Guide to more styles


A style with Latin and Spanish feel.

Bossa nova

Rhythmic practice, syncopated patterns and chord used in this style.


Chords and strumming patterns in this style.


Chords and songs in this style.


Chord suitable for fingerpicking in different keys.