G7 chord

G7 chord for guitar in different forms, including open and barre chords.



G7 chord diagram

The most common way to play the chord, including three open strings. G7 is a four-note chord consisting of G, B, D, F.

Barre chords

G7 barre

  • G7 barre shape

G7 barre

  • G7 barre shape

Alternative shapes


  • G7 chord diagram


  • G7 chord diagram

Relevant chords


  • G7sus4 shape


  • G7/B


  • G7 chord diagram

Theory and information

Try in a chord progression

C - D7 - G7 - C (see with diagrams in pdf)

Chord names

G7 is a dominant chord. G7/B, G7/D and G7/F are inversions of the chord.

Notes in the chord

The notes that the G7 chord consists of are G, B, D, F.
To get G9 add A.
To get Gmaj7 replace F with F#.

Alternative chord names

G7/E is identical with Em7-9.


G7 (no3) is a G dominant 7th with no third (B).
G7 (no5) is a G dominant 7th with no fifth (D).

Written in tab format (main version)

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- 0 -
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