Gmaj7 chord

G major 7th chord for guitar in different forms, including open and barre chords.



Gmaj7 chord diagram

The diagram shows a popular way to play the chord in open position. And alternative, see diagram below, is to instead mute the fifth string with the nearby finger. Gmaj7 is a four-note chord consisting of G, B, D, F#.

Alternative shapes

Gmaj7 barre

  • Gmaj7 barre shape


  • Gmaj7 shape


  • Gmaj7 shape


  • Gmaj7 shape

Theory and information

Try in a chord progression

G - Gmaj7 - G6 (see with diagrams in pdf)

Chord name

Gmaj7 is an abbreviation for G major seventh. Gmaj7/B, Gmaj7/D and Gmaj7/F# are inversions of the chord.

Notes in the chord

The notes that the Gmaj7 chord consists of are G, B, D, F#.
To get Gmaj9 add A.


Gma7(no3) is a G major 7th with no third (B), one recommended fingering is 3X0032.
Gma7(no5) is a G major 7th with no fifth (D), one possible fingering is XXX002.

Assorted inversions and slash chords

Versions with alternate bass notes in short notation:

Gmaj7/B: X03210
Gmaj7/D: XX0002
Gmaj7/F#: 220002
Gmaj7/E: 020002
Gmaj7/C: X30002
Gmaj7/A: X00002

Written in tab format (main version in open position)

- 2 -
- 0 -
- 0 -
- 0 -
- - -
- 3 -

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