The Chord Reference ebook

Ebook coverThe Chord Reference ebook includes over 400 chords, divided after root letter – all keys are covered. Print-friendly ebook with charts of chords in main versions to use as reference.

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Comprehensive chords overview for guitar

This ebook gives you an extensive overview over guitar chords, 504 chord diagrams in total, covering all 17 keys. The presented chords are divided in section based on root notes and subsequently divided into chord families according to:

  1. Major triads
  2. Dominant 7th
  3. Major 7th
  4. 5th (power chords)
  5. Various common extended chord types such as major 9th and 11th
  6. Suspended chords
  7. Added chords
  8. Minor triads
  9. Minor 7th and other extended minor chord types such as minor 9th and 11th
  10. Diminished chords including half-diminished (Ø)
  11. Augmented chords
  12. Altered chords

The most common chords are presented in several versions including both open chords and barre chord shapes. Fingering suggestions are given for all chords. In addition, various chord progressions examples can be found, illustrated with diagrams.

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Chord progressions examples (illustrated with chord frames)

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