7th sus4 chords

The seventh suspended chords are less common than the regular sus4 and sus2 chords. As with sus chords in general, the sus7 chord is often almost similar to the dominant 7th chords, but in many cases the shapes are kind of hard to play because of the lack of natural ways to add the fourth tone.

The diagrams below are suggestions of how to play these chords.

7th sus4


  • C7sus4 chord diagram


  • D7sus4 chord diagram


  • E7sus4 chord diagram


  • F7sus4 chord diagram


  • G7sus4 chord diagram


  • A7sus4 chord diagram


  • B7sus4 chord diagram

More chords

Barre sus chords


The C7sus4 is obviously a barre chord, it can also be played as X3331X. The most common alternative to the suggestion for F7sus4 is to play it as a barre chord: 131311. This is also true about G7sus4 (353533). A third alternative for G7sus4 is 3X3013, with a muted in-between string.

Notice that A7sus4 are identical with a version of the A13 chord. Another way to play A7sus4 is X02233.

7th suspended chords with flats and sharps

Since these are not played all that often, they are only presented in shortened notation:

C sharp / D flat 7sus4: X46474
D sharp / E flat 7sus4: X68696
F sharp / G flat 7sus4: XX4657
G sharp / A flat 7sus4: XX6879
A sharp / B flat 7sus4: X13141

Movable shape

A moveable shape for this chord category is Bb7sus4/F as XX3344.

Chord formula

The seventh suspended fourth is built with the formula 1-4-5-b7.

Chord progressions

Progressions including this chord type:

G7sus4 - G7 - F7 - C7

Em - Am - D7sus4 - D7 - G

D - Dmaj7 - D6 - D - A7sus4 - A7 - D

In the famous song "California Dreaming" a 7sus4 to 7th change is used:

Am - G - F - G - E7sus4 - E7  (capo 4)


Yes, this chord type also exists, but since they are much more uncommon than 7sus4 they are not present on the site so far.

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