500 Guitar Chord Progressions - ebook

Ebook coverThe 500 Guitar Chord Progressions ebook includes 500 chord progressions and access to 50 audio examples.

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Discover new progressions and chords, and also ideas about how chords are functioning together.

Notice that this is an ebook, not a physical book. The ebook can be downloaded directly after the purchase.

• Progressions in major and minor keys
• Progressions based on modes
• Key changes
• Progressions for Singer-songwriter, Rock, Blues, Jazz styles
• Progressions with chord voicings
• Progressions with focus on bass lines, pedal tones, ascending and descending, cadences, outros
What you get:
500 chord progressions
50 audio examples (online acess)
Short notations for uncommon chords

Questions about 500 Guitar Chord Progressions?

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