500 Guitar Chord Progressions - ebook

500 Guitar Chord Progressions Ebook coverThe 500 Guitar Chord Progressions ebook includes 500 chord progressions and access to 50 audio examples.

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Discover new progressions and chords for the guitar. Learn new concepts and ideas about how chords are functioning together. All progressions are completely free to use for anybody that happens to write songs.

Notice that this is an ebook, not a physical book. It can be downloaded directly after the purchase.

• Progressions in major and minor keys
• Progressions based on modes
• Key changes
• Progressions for singer-songwriter, rock, flamenco, blues, jazz styles
• Progressions with chord voicings
• Progressions with focus on concepts including bass lines, pedal tones, passing chords, secondary dominant, vamps, cadences, outros
What you get:
500 chord progressions
50 audio examples (online access)
Short notations for uncommon chords
Chord diagrams appendix

A journey into the land of chords

The purpose with this ebook is two-fold: to show a multitude of possibilities and rules for chord combinations with both simple and complex chords, and to present progressions with fingerings that works in specific cases.

The first section shows typical examples as well as other ideas of progressions in all guitar-friendly keys - mainly major and natural minor, but also harmonic and melodic minor as well as progressions with modal flavors. The genre sections present progressions that associated with various styles. Understanding concepts such as bass lines and pedal tones will lead to important consciousness of music harmony. Put simple, in this ebook, you will learn new progressions and chords applications.

To ease the learning process and make the collections of progressions more useful uncommon chords are directly explained by short notations and an appendix is included with chord diagrams (because of the large amounts of chords appearing, far from all chords are illustrated with diagrams. For diagrams of each chord, see instead Illustrated Chord Progression ebook).

This is the 3rd edition of this ebook – the progressions have been evaluated a second time and some has been excluded whereas other have been included.


"Darn excellent book. You should charge twice as much!"
Mark W.

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