Minor add2 and add9 chords

The minor add2 and add9 chords are similar to the add2 chord and add9 chord; but adds a note to minor chord instead to a major chord. A common minor chord includes the first, the minor third and the fifth notes in its scale. By adding the second or ninth note, you get an madd2 or madd9 chord respectively.

So if C minor is used as an example, what happen is that C, Eb and G changes to C, D, Eb and G (Cmadd2), or to C, Eb, G and D (Cmadd9). The notes are the same, only the order differ, and because of that you could play madd2 when madd9 is mentioned and vice versa.

Minor add2


  • Cmadd2 chord diagram


  • Dmadd2 chord diagram


  • Emadd2 chord diagram


  • Fmadd2 chord diagram


  • Gmadd2 chord diagram


  • Amadd2 chord diagram


  • Bmadd2 chord diagram


The Cmadd2 version presented is more correctly named Cmadd2/D. It's difficult to find proper shapes for this chord, but you can see an alternative below. An easier way to play Dmadd2 is as X03230, in which case the correct chord name is Dmadd2/A.

The minor add2 is close related to the minor add9 and are in a sense equivalent. Yet, if you are meticulous with the sound, you probably want the added tone closer to the root note when choosing minor add2 instead for minor add9.

Another possible abbreviation for these chords are Cmin add2, Dmin add2 and so on.

Minor add 2th with flats and sharps

Additional chords in this category:

C sharp / D flat madd2: X6665X
D sharp / E flat madd2: 111342
F sharp / G flat madd2: 20412X
G sharp / A flat madd2: X6630X
A sharp / B flat madd2: X3332X

Chord progressions

Progressions using minor add2 chords:

Em – Emadd2 – Am – Asus4

C – Cadd9 – Am/B – Dmadd2/A – G

A – Dmadd2/A – G7add6/B – A (see tab)

(The chord name Amsus4 doesn't exist).

tab chord progression

Minor add9


  • Cmadd9 chord diagram


  • Dmadd9 chord diagram


  • Emadd9 chord diagram


  • Fmadd9 chord diagram


  • Gmadd9 chord diagram


  • Amadd9 chord diagram


  • Bmadd9 chord diagram


Emadd9 can also be played as 020020. Cmadd9 can also be played as X31033 (compare this shape with Cm9). The Gmadd2 shape can be played by involving the thumb on the 6th string; it can also be played as X00333, which is more correctly named Gmadd2/A.

The presented barre diagram (Bmadd9) is movable and based on the Emadd shape.

Another possible abbreviation for these chords are Cmin add9, Dmin add9 and so on.

Chord progressions

Progressions using minor add9 chords:

Emadd9 – Am9 – Dadd9 – G6

Emadd9 – Cadd9 – Gadd2

Dmadd9 – Fmaj7/A – Am7 – Dmadd9 (see tab)

A suggestion is to play Am9 as X05500.

tab chord progression

Another minor add chord in short notation:
Bbm add9 68 10 666

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