Chord training – lesson 9

Logo and guitar in the backgroundThe lesson involves a chord change where two fingers switch positions and the other two are not lifted.

Chord diagrams

The task: when changing between the chords, the ring finger (3) should be lifted and replaced whereas the middle finger (2) should over the place from the ring finger. Try to do the shift without lifting the index finger (1) or the little finger (4).


  • Am7 chord diagram X02213


  • Fadd9 chord diagram X3213
Main progression:
Am7 - Fadd9

Second part of exercise

The first change is the same as above and when should the middle finger (2) and the ring finger (3) be lifted and moved as a pair one string up.


  • Am7 chord diagram X02213


  • Fmaj7 chord diagram XX3210


  • C chord diagram X32013
Am - Fadd9 - C

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