Em7 chord inversions

Em7/G, Em7/B and Em7/D are the first, second and third inversions of the Em7. This means that the bass tone is shifting from E to G, B or D.


  • Em7/G chord diagram 322030


  • Em7/B chord diagram X22030


  • Em7/D chord diagram XX0000

Theory and information

All these chords consist of the notes E, G, B, D. The difference is that the order of notes shifts. G is the bass note in the first inversion, B is the bass note in the second inversion and D is the bass note in the third inversion.

Alternative fingerings

Em7/G can also be played as 320030 or 320000. Em7/B can also be played as X20030. Em7/D can also be played in closed position as X5545X.

Alternative chord names

Em7/G is identical with G6.
Em7/D is identical with Em/D.

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