Em7 chord

Em7 chord for guitar in different forms, including open and barre chords.



Em7 chord diagram

The most common way to play the chord. Em7 is a four-note chord consisting of E, G, B, D. Em7 is an abbreviation for E minor 7th.

Alternative shapes

Em7 barre

  • Em7 barre shape


  • Em7 chord diagram

Em7 (voicing)

  • Em7 chord diagram

Relevant chords

Em7/A (voicing)

  • Em7 chord diagram


  • Em7/G chord diagram

Em7/D (voicing)

  • Em7/D chord diagram

Em7/C (voicing)

  • Em7/C chord diagram

Theory and information

Try in a chord progression

Em7 - D - Cadd9 (see with diagrams in pdf)


The alternative version of Em7 (XX2033) is E minor 7th with an omitted 5th. Another variant is 022033 with doublings on the root and the third. Em7/D could also be played XX0010.

Chord names

Em7 is a minor 7th chord (a less common abbreviation is Emin7). Em7/G, Em7/B and Em7/D are inversions of the chord.

Alternative chord names

Em7/G (32230) is identical with G6.
Em7/C (X32030) is identical with Cadd9.

Notes in the chord

The notes that the Dm7 chord consists of are E, G, B, D.
To get Em9 add F#.
To get E7 replace G with G#.

Written in tab format (main version in open position)

- 0 -
- 3 -
- 0 -
- 2 -
- 2 -
- 0 -

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