Chord training – lesson 5

Logo and guitar in the backgroundThis finger exercise with chords focuses on moving to another shape by only lift one finger and add another finger.

Chord diagrams

The task: when changing between the chords, the index finger (1) and the ring finger (3) should be fretted all the time. Add the middle finger (2) and the little finger (4) when the chord changes.


  • D chord diagram XX0232


  • Gsus2 chord diagram 3X0233
Main progression:
D - Gsus2

Learn from video

Second part of exercise

The task: only lift and move the index (1) finger between the fifth and third strings. Also, use the middle finger (2) to mute the fifth string when this is indicated.


  • G chord diagram 320033


  • Gsus2 chord diagram 3X0233
G - Gsus2

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