Blues chord progressions – lesson 3

The third part of the blues chord progressions lesson series present a 12 bar blues track in A major.
Instructions: Notice that the chord interval relationship is identical with these in lesson 2, only the key has changed. Together with E major, A major might be the most common keys in blues. The turnaround involves a E7 in the 12th bar which is replaced with A7 in the second ending.

A7 | D7 | A7 | A7
D7 | D7 | A7 | A7
E7 | D7 | A7 | E7

1st bar | 2nd bar | 3rd bar | 4th bar etc.

Repeats: 2 times
BPM: 100
Time signature: 4/4

Click the buttons to play or pause the audio.

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Chord diagrams

The same chords are used as in the previous progression.


  • A7 chord diagram X02020


  • D7 chord diagram XX0212


  • E7 chord diagram 020100

Alternative chords diagrams

Barre chords can be used as an option to the open chords.


  • A7 barre shape 575655


  • D7 barre shape X57575


  • E7 barre shape X79797

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