Beginner chord progressions – lesson 2

Logo and guitar in the backgroundThe second part of the lesson series beginner continues with another simple two chord change. C and Fmaj7 are among the first chords to learn and the shift between these chords are rather effortless (use the middle and ring finger as a moving group whereas the index finger is positioned at the first fret). Notice that the regular F major as the "Alternative chord diagram". It is harder to play, but also an important chord to learn.

C | Fmaj7 | C | Fmaj7

1st bar | 2nd bar | 3rd bar | 4th bar

Start the practice by clicking the button below (this will start the backing track and show chord changes).

Repeats: 5 times
BPM: 80
Time signature: 4/4

Volume - +

Chord diagrams

These are suggested chord fingerings to use when playing with the backing track.


  • C chord diagram X32010


  • Fmaj7 chord diagram XX3210

Alternative chords diagrams

This regular F chord, the F major triad, is trickier to play compared to Fmaj7, with the index finger laying over two strings.


  • F chord diagram XX3211

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