Barre chord progressions – lesson 2

The lesson series on barre chords continues with a similar progression as in the last lesson. The progression features minor chords again, but this time with increased difficulty level. The challenge is to jump vertical and horizontal at the same time in the chord changes (the Am chord involve the 5-7 position and the Em chord involve the 7-9 position on the fretboard).

Am | Em | Am | Em

1st bar | 2nd bar | 3rd bar | 4th bar

5 times
BPM: 80
Time signature: 4/4

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Chord diagrams

Somewhat weird is that the Am chord use the Em-shape whereas Em chord use the Am shape, in this situation. Using these two barre shapes makes the changes much more economical than using the same shapes for both chords.


  • Am barre chord diagram 577555


  • Em barre chord diagram X79987

Alternative chords diagrams

These are optional chords to use and practice on in this particular lesson.


  • Am7 barre shape 575555


  • Em7 barre shape X79787

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