Barre chord progressions over backing tracks

Logo and guitar in the backgroundPlay barre chord progression over music tracks.

To see instructions for the changes in the chord progressions click at the "Start music / chord changes"-button and you will start the backing track plus the real-time chord changes which can be seen in the empty field.

Barre chord progressions – lesson 1

The lesson series barre chords starts with a simple two chord change. The progression involves the two standard barre shapes of minor chords (see also minor 7th chords under "Alternative chords diagrams"). Among barre chords, these makes a relatively easy start since the string tensions on the middle of the neck is looser than on the first frets.

Am | Dm | Am | Dm

1st bar | 2nd bar | 3rd bar | 4th bar

Start the practice by clicking the button below (this will start the backing track and show chord changes).

Repeats: 5 times
BPM: 80
Time signature: 4/4

Click the buttons to play or pause the audio.

Volume - +

Chord diagrams

Notice that you should never lift the index finger, that lays over the fifth fret, when shifting between these two chords.


  • Am barre chord diagram 577555


  • Dm barre chord diagram X57765

Alternative chords diagrams

These are optional chords to use and practice on in this particular lesson.


  • Am7 barre shape 575555


  • Dm7 barre shape X57565

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