D5 chord

D5 chords (D power chord) for guitar in different forms, including open positions and shapes with alternative bass note.


D5 chord diagram

The diagram shows a popular way to play D5. This is an open chord and involves three strings. The chord consists of the notes D and A.

Shapes without a double octave note

D5 power chords

D5 with a double octave


  • D5 in close position


  • D5 in close position

D5 alternative chords


  • D5/A chord diagram XX77XX


  • D5/A chord diagram XXXX1010

Theory and information

Try in a chord progression

D5 - A5 - E5

Chord names

D5 is also called D power chord. D5/A is an inverted version of the chord.

Notes in the chord

The notes that the D5 chord consists of are D, A.
When it's played with three notes the D note is duplicated on a higher octave.

Finger position

Index (1st) finger on 3rd (thinnest) string, 2nd fret.
Ring (3rd) finger on 2nd (thinnest) string, 3rd fret.

Written in tab format (main version in open position)

- - -
- 3 -
- 2 -
- 0 -
- - -
- - -

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