Bm chord inversions

Bm/D and Bm/F# are the first and second inversions of the B minor. This means that the bass tone is shifting from B to D or F sharp.


  • Bm/D chord diagram X5443X


  • Bm/F# barre chord diagram 224432

Bm/F# (alt.)

  • Bm/F# chord diagram

Try in chord progressions

F#m - Bm/D - D
Bm - Bm/F# - G

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When stumble upon these chord names, you can choose to ignore the alternate bass note and play the regular B minor. It will always sound ok, but it may lack some subtle additions to the sound. The third diagram, noted with "alt.", is an alternative shape if you prefer to not play a barre chord.

Alternative fingerings

A fingering for Bm/D in open position is XX03432. A fingering for Bm/F# in open position is 22043X.

Theory of the Bm/D and Bm/F# chords

Both chords consist of the notes B, D, F#. The difference is that the order of notes shifts. D is the bass note in the first inversion is and F# the bass note in the second inversion.

Alternative chord names

Bm/D is identical with D6(no5).

See also Bm7 inversions

Chord construction

Bm  x - B - F# - B - D - F#
Bm/D  x - D - F# - B - D - x
Bm/F# F# - B - F# - B - D - F#
Guitar versions of the chord

Notes in chord

Bm  B - D - F#
Bm/D  D - F# - B
Bm/F#  F# - B - D
Only the order of notes differs