Bm7 chord inversions

Bm7/D, Bm7/F# and Bm7/A are the first, second and third inversions of the Bm7. This means that the bass tone is shifting from B to D, F sharp or A.


  • Bm7/D chord diagram XX0202


  • Bm7/F# chord diagram 2X0202


  • Bm7/A chord diagram

Theory and information

All these chords consist of the notes B, D, F#, A. The difference is that the order of notes shifts. D is the bass note in the first inversion, F# is the bass note in the second inversion and A is the bass note in the third inversion.

Alternative fingerings

Two other options for Bm7/D with the bass note on the 4th strings are XX0475 and XX0 14 12 14. Another option for Bm7/F# is 200432. Bm7/A can also be played as X04435 or X00202.

Movable shapes

Versions with movable barre shapes:

Bm7/D: X57777
Bm7/F#: 224232
Bm7/A: 524232

Alternative chord names

Bm7/D is identical with D6.
Bm7/F# is identical with Bm7/Gb and D6/F#.
Bm7/A is identical with Bm/A.

Try in a chord progression

Em - Bm7/F# - G

Chords that sound good together with B minor 7th inversions

Some typical chords that are likely to be included in progressions with these chords are: Dmaj7, Em7, F#m7, Gmaj7, A7sus4.