B5 chord

B5 chords (B power chord) for guitar in different forms, including shapes with alternative bass note.


B5 chord diagram

The diagram shows a popular way to play B5. This is a closed chord and include only two strings. The chord consists of the notes B and F#.

Shapes without a double octave note

B5 power chords

B5 with a double octave


  • B5 in open position


  • B5 in close position

B5 alternative chords


  • B5/F#

B5/F# II

  • B5/F#

Theory and information

Try in a chord progression

B5 - C#5 - E5

Chord names

B5 is also called B power chord. B5/F# is an inverted version of the chord.

Notes in the chord

The notes that the B5 chord consists of are B, F#.
When it's played with three notes the B note is duplicated on a higher octave.

Finger position

Index (1st) finger on 5th (thinnest) string, 2nd fret.
Ring (3rd) finger on 4th (thinnest) string, 4th fret.

Written in tab format (main version)

- - -
- - -
- - -
- 4 -
- 2 -
- - -

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