13th chords

The 13th Chord adds another tone to the 11th chord and, hence the name, the tone is 13 steps from the root.  If you are playing the piano, you could play this chord with seven tones while the guitar is limited to six tones. Therefore, at least one tone are always excluded which can vary depending on the chord shape. If you don't feel confortable with the stretch, see more shapes below.



  • C13 chord diagram


  • D13 chord diagram


  • E13 chord diagram


  • F13 chord diagram


  • G13 chord diagram


  • A13 chord diagram


  • B13 chord diagram

More chords

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Chord construction

C13  x - C - E - Bb - D - A
D13  x - D - F# - C - E - B
E13  x - E - G# - D - F# - C#
F13  x - F - A - Eb - G - D
G13  x - G - B - F - A - E
A13  x - A - C# - G - B - F#
B13  x - B - D# - A - C# - G#
Guitar versions of the chord

Notes in chord

C13  C - E - G - Bb - D - F - A
D13  D - F# - A - C - E - G - B
E13  E - G# - B - D - F# - A - C#
F13  F - A - C - Eb - G - Bb - D
G13  G - B - D - F - A - C - E
A13  A - C# - E - G - B - D - F#
B13  B - D# - F# - A - C# - E - G#
The intervals are 1 - 3 - 5 - b7 - 9 - 11 - 13

Alternative chord shapes

Besides the chord pictures above there are different ways to play the 13th chord. On the picture below you can see an alternative and which, like the already given example, also is movable.

With the root on 6th string and muted 5th string:

13 chord shape

Bass note left out for a funkier sound:

13 chord shape no bass note

Since the root is on the sixth string, you use 3X345X to play G13 with the shape above. In this chord shape you will mute the second string with an adjacent finger. This chord can sound great with a single stroke as an outro, for example in a 12 bar blues (as a last stroke, in the last bar). (The similar shape 3X3455 is sometimes also referred to as G13, bur are more correctly a G13 6/9.)

These are two common voicings:

13 chord voicings shapes

On the diagram to the left, the root is on the 2nd string and on the diagram to the right the root is on the 1st strings. Two examples with short notations are E13: X5665X and F13: XX1231.

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