Jazz chord progressions – lesson 5

The fifth jazz progression lesson goes on with the ii - V - I - VI structure and the specific progression in this case will be Cm7 - F7 - Bb7 - Eb7.
Instructions: By using 3-strings shell voicings smooth and swift changes can be executed (see diagrams below).

Cm7 | F7 | Bb7 | Eb7

1st bar | 2nd bar | 3rd bar | 4th bar

Repeats: 5 times
BPM: 160
Time signature: 4/4

Click the buttons to play or pause the audio.

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Chord diagrams

The ring finger on the third string is used as a guide finger (it should not leave its string).


  • Cm7 chord voicing 8X88XX


  • F7 chord diagram X898XX


  • Bb chord diagram 6X67XX


  • Eb7 chord diagram X656XX

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