Chord training – lesson 4

Logo and guitar in the backgroundThis finger exercise with chords focuses on shift some fingers as other fingers stays in the same spot. Bbmaj7#11 has a long name, but the most important is to see that the fingerings is mirroring the C6 fingerings.

Chord diagrams

The task: when changing between the chords, the middle finger (2) and the ring finger (3) should be fretted all the time. Tip: don't press to hard with the middle and ring finger, which can make your hand exhausted.


  • Am chord diagram X02210


  • Bbmaj7#11 chord diagram X1223X


  • C6 chord diagram X3221X
Main progression:
Am - Bbmaj7#11 - C6
Extended progression:
Am - Bbmaj7#11 - C6 - Bbmaj7#11 - Am

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