Chord training – lesson 3

Logo and guitar in the backgroundThe lesson exercise a movement in which one finger is put down in the same time to other fingers make a transition. The challenging part is to create a smooth change with any muffing sound. Try both strumming and fingerpicking to find out if you can make the shift smoothly.

Chord diagrams

The task: when changing from D to Cadd, fret the first string with the little finger (4) and lift and put down the index (1) and middle (2) fingers on new strings. Tip: the chord change will probably be easier if you begin with the little finger. But, as said, the task is to mainly do the shift in one whole movement.


  • D chord diagram XX0232


  • Cadd chord diagram X3103X
Main progression:
D - Cadd9
Extended progression:
D - Cadd9 - G

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