Barre chord progressions – lesson 6

This lesson incorporates syncopations in the progressions. This means that a chord won’t coincide with an accented beat in the bar (the accents lay on the 1st and 3rd beats in each bar). That is the case in the second bar when the change to Bb happens on the fourth beat.
Instructions: This progression is meant to be treated as riff based and especially the Eb - Bb - Ab sequence whereas the second half of the three-bar sequence anticipates the repeat of the riff. Also, muted strings on some strums could create cool effects.

Eb Bb | Ab .. Bb | Bb

1st bar | 2nd bar | 3rd bar

Repeats: 5 times
Time signature: 4/4

Volume - +

Chord diagrams


  • Eb barre chord diagram X68886


  • Bb barre chord diagram 688766


  • Ab barre chord diagram 466654

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