Chord progressions over music backing tracks

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Advanced chord progression 1

Introducing the concept of double pedal points and here accomplished with "pseudo-barre" chords, which can result in various voicings. The double pedal points are in this case the two highest strings that are played throughout the whole progression. You can experiment with various strumming and fingerpicking patterns.

Fmaj13 | G6 | Cmaj7 | Cmaj7

1st bar | 2nd bar | 3rd bar | 4th bar

Start the practice by clicking the button below (this will start the backing track and show chord changes).

Repeats: 5 times
Time signature: 4/4

Click the buttons to play or pause the audio.

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  • Fmaj13 chord diagram alternative fingering 133200


  • G6 chord diagram 355400


  • Cmaj7 chord diagram 8 10 10 9 0 0

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