Essential Chords in Open D Tuning - ebook

Ebook coverThe Essential Chords in Open D Tuning ebook includes over 300 chords with diagrams for the Open D tuning.

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Print-friendly ebook (in total 23 pages) with charts of chords in open positions, blues chords, blues shuffle chords and a large variety of voicings.

Notice that this is an ebook, not a physical book. The ebook can be downloaded directly after the purchase.

Open D Tuning general tips
Most essential Open D Tuning chords
Open position chords
One-finger slide chords
Movable chords
Blues chords
Blues shuffle chords
Chord progressions
Tabs - harmonization in Open D
Fretboard neck graphics

Ebook and guitar and slide
High resolution and print-friendly

Open D Tuning

Open D tuning is a useful option for slide guitar and it was used by one of the greatest slide guitarists of all, Elmore James. But most of all, Open D is a tool for finding new expression on the guitar in any manner. Some famous song written in this tuning are "Chelsea Morning" and "Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchell and "Norwegian Wood" by The Beatles.

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