Add11 chords

The add11 chord adds the eleventh tone in the scale to a major chord and is related to the add9 chord. If we take the C major chord as an example, it consists of C, E and G. If we add a F we have a Cadd11 chord with the notes C, E, G and F. Notice that Add11 include the same tones as Add4, only the order of notes differs.

Add11 (add4)


  • Cadd11 chord diagram X33010


  • Dadd11 chord diagram 10 9 0 0 10 10


  • Eadd11 chord diagram 002100


  • Fadd11 chord diagram 113211


  • Gadd11 chord diagram 330203


  • Badd11 chord diagram X24440


  • Badd11 chord diagram 799800


Cadd11 can also be played as X32011 (this version has a more proper note order and the diagram version has a more proper note order to be referred to Cadd4). Dadd11 can also be played as X54035. Badd11 can also be played as X24440.

Chord progressions

Add chords can used as substitutions for ordinary major chords:

Cadd11 - Em - F - Am

Eadd11 - Amaj7 - B11

Gadd11 - Em9 - D

They can also be used in combination with its major counterpart:

G - Gadd11 - C - D

A - Aadd11 - E - D



  • Aadd9 chord diagram X02420


  • Dadd9 chord diagram


  • Badd11/E chord

Badd11/E can also be played as 099800.

Add11/C# and Bass1/F# are most useful in fingerpicking situations.

A7th add11 chords

Here are some examples of seventh chords with added 11th:

A7add11: X00020

The relationship between suspended and added tone chords

The relationship between suspended and added tone chords are close. We can compare Cadd4, Cadd11 and Csus4. The difference is that in added tone chords, a tone is added and in suspended chords, a tone is exchanged.

Chord construction

Cadd4  x - C - F - G - C - E
Cadd11  x - C - E - G - C - F
Csus4  x - C - F - G - C - x
Guitar versions of the chord

Notes in chord

Cadd4 C - E - F - G
Cadd11 C - E - G - F
Csus4 C - F - G
Theoretical order of notes

As could be notice in the examples above, there are no important differences concerning the chord construction between Cadd4 and Cadd11. This is due to the instrument and the problems to find a shape that match perfect. To separate the chords, it can be seen as an appropriate method to have the F tone early and late in Cadd4 and Cadd11 respectively, although this is seldom though about in practice.

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