Essential Chords in Open G Tuning - ebook

Ebook coverThe Essential Chords in Open G Tuning ebook includes over 300 chords with diagrams for the Open G tuning.

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Print-friendly ebook with charts of chords in open positions, blues chords, blues shuffle chords and a large variety of voicings.

Notice that this is an ebook, not a physical book. The ebook can be downloaded directly after the purchase.

Open G Tuning general tips
Most essential Open G Tuning chords
Open position chords
One-finger slide chords
Blues chords + shuffle chords
Movable chords
Chord progressions
Tabs + audio
Fretboard neck graphics

Ebook and screenshots of pages
High resolution and print-friendly chord charts

Open G Tuning

Open G tuning is perhaps the most popular tuning for slide guitar, but it's also an option for finding new expression on the guitar involving a multitude of voicings.

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