The Jazz Guitar Chords ebook

Ebook coverThe Jazz Guitar Chords ebook comes with chord charts and chord progressions for the style of jazz. The chords and progressions are explained and put into context.

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37-page ebook in .pdf format. For print, tablet, desktop or mobile.

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Most essential jazz chords – part 1 (3-string voicings)
Progressions - iim7 - v7 - imaj7 in all keys
Most essential jazz chords – part 2
Progressions - iim7 - v7 - imaj7 in all keys (part 2)
Major & minor 7th jazz chords
Progressions - iim7 - v7 - imaj7 in all keys (part 3)
Dominant 7th jazz chords (including alterations)
Progressions - 3 - 6 - 2 - 5 turnaround in all keys
Extended major & minor jazz chords
Diminished jazz chords (including half-dim)
Chord progressions - iim - v - im in all keys
Chord progressions - 12 bar structure
Chord progressions - 16 bar structure
What you get:
* More than 250 chords and voicings for jazz
* More than 75 jazz progressions, including 2-5-1 progressions in all keys and fingerings for all chords.
* 12 and 16 bars structures with typical progressions in jazz plus chord arrangements of well-known jazz tunes.

Extensive guide to jazz guitar with focus on chords and comping

In this ebook you are presented by a lot of chords used frequently in jazz. Diagrams are showed for each chord to assist you.

There are many ways to play a specific chord on the guitar and when learning jazz, you will come in contact with new chord shapes that you probably aren’t familiar with. It’s also common with chord voicings that leave out notes from the chords.

So, if you want to master jazz guitar in comping as well as chord melody playing, you have a lot of chords to absorb! The goal with this ebook is not to present as many chords as possible, but to give you a repertoire with the most used chords that will cover most situations.

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