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The Chord Theory ebook coverThe Chord Theory ebook summarize what you need to know about chords and chord progressions from a theoretical perspective. The text is supported by tables and diagrams.

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Content part 1:
1. Introduction
2. General music theory
  Notes, tones and pitches
  Sharps (#) and flats (b)
  The relationship between intervals, chords and scales
3. What is a guitar chord?
4. Chord categories explained
  Major and minor
  Diminished and augmented
  Seventh chords
    Major 7th
    Minor 7th
    Dominant 7th
  Extended chords
    Major 9th
    Minor 9th
    Dominant 9th
    Major 6th
    Minor 6th
    Major 13th
    Minor 13th
    Dominant 13th
  Altered chords
Chord categories overview

Content part 2:
  Abbreviations in chord names
  Symbols in chord names
  Diatonic chords
  Enharmonic chords
5. How chords are played
  Omitted notes
  Inverted chords
  Block chords and broken chords
  Open position
  Barre chords
6. How chord progressions are made
Key and chord chart
Chord function
Where to go from a chord?
Beyond the diatonic chord matches
Dominant 7th replacing minor
Minor replacing major
Major replacing minor
Borrowed chords from relative scale
Key changes (modulation)
Major to minor shift
Pivot chord

A theoretical course

In the long run, you will get a lot of benefits from knowing about the theory. How chords are constructed, how they can be separated into chord categories, or chord families, and – most important – why some chords sound great together while other doesn’t.

This ebook can beneficial to anyone striving for genuinely understanding music. And not at least for anyone that is interested in song writing that will get pointers to better grasp songwriting from a harmony perspective.

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