Chord progressions converted for capo

Guitar background with text capoWhen a capo is put on the neck of the guitar, the notes are reconfigured and the key transpose to another key. The following are examples of chord progressions including bar chords can be converted into progressions with open chords by using a capo.

Example 1:


Original progression: Bb - F - Eb/G - Gm - Cm - E - C/E - Dm


With capo on 5th fret: "F" - "C" - (XX5887) - "Dm" - "Gm" - "B" - (X75558) - "Am"

Comment: Transforming slash chords to fit in a chord progression when a capo is used can be tricky because the chord must often be reconfigured. This is the case for Eb/G and C/E in the examples above, which are played as XX5887 and X75558.

There are not many options for Dm in other capo positions. The Em shape, for exemple, would need the capo to be on 10th fret. So, primarlily the "Am" shape + capo 5 would be the choice.


See also the Transpose chords convertor.

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