Free video lessons

Here you will find free guitar lessons on video clips. The lessons are provided by See also lesson series.

The Basics of Electric Guitar

video lesson screenshot 7Lisa Pursell is the guitar instructor and she talks about fundamental stuff like the parts of the electric guitar and also about holding the guitar, tuning and hand position.

Level: Very Easy

Useful music theory

video lesson screenshot 6Video lessons that teaching music theory for guitar in five lessons by the instructor Randall Williams. Good stuff for the ambitious players that still lack some theoretical knowledge.

Level: Intermediate

Your first open chords

video lesson screenshot 3This is a video lesson in three parts for you that just begin playing. The guitar instructor is Lisa Pursell and she talks about playing open chords on the guitar.

Level: Easy

Learning the "A" chord

video lesson screenshot 2This is a video lesson in seven parts for beginner's that just start playing guitar. The guitar instructor is Eve Goldberg and she talks about playing chords on the guitar.

Level: Very easy

Warmups and finger exercising

video lesson screenshot 1This is a video lesson in five parts that giving you some important stuff about posture and also warmups and exercises that are good to know. The guitar instructor is Erik Mongrain.

Level: Intermediate