F open chords


  • F chord diagram


  • Fmaj7 chord diagram


  • F7 chord diagram


  • Fm11 chord diagram


Some of the F chords are not the standard, but are chosen here to qualify as open chords. Many prefer to play some of the F chords as barre chords instead.

F minor is not included since no proper open position version are available. The same thing with Fm7, Fm6, F6 and some other F chords.

F6 is commonly played as XX3231 (with the 5th omitted), but one alternative as an open chord is 100211.

Chord construction

F F - A - F - A - C - x
Fmaj7 x- x - F - A - C - E
F7 F- A - Eb - A - C - x
F11 F- A - Eb - Bb - x - x
Guitar versions of the chord

Notes in chord

F F – A – C
Fmaj7 F – A – C – E
F7 F – A – C – Eb
F11 F– A – C – D – Eb – G – Bb
Note structure in theory

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