The play-along guitar tool is made to train your tempo feel and also your musical ear. When you playing together with other instruments it's important that you can follow along in the song by knowing which bar it is and which chord that it is.



The purpose

This play-along learning device could be seen as something in between a metronome and backing tracks. Instead for the monotonous clicks of a metronome with one click per quarter note on a specific speed, the play-along rhythm tracks are more about counting bars (measures) and therefore closer to a realistic band situation. And hopefully, it's more enjoyable compared to practice with a metronome (although the one don’t exclude the other method).

Get the most of out the play-along training

To start out in an easy way, you could strum as many times as beath per bar. For example, in 4/4 time, you will make four strum per bar and perhaps counting 1, 2, 3, 4 to yourself on the same time. As you get more comfortable, you can start variate the rhythm.

You could also use fingerpicking patterns. For example, one eight tone patterns based on eight notes per bar in 4/4 time per bar.

The database with styles and other options regarding time signature, beats per minute as well as instrumentation and chord progressions will be expanded in coming updates.