F major chord

F major chord for guitar in alternative shapes and barre chords.

Diagram with fingerings

F / FM / Fmaj / F major

F chord diagram with fingerings

Diagram with notes

F / FM / Fmaj / F major

F chord diagram with notes

Alternative shapes


  • F chord diagram

F barre 1st

  • F barre chord diagram 133211

F barre 2nd

  • F barre chord diagram X81010108


  • F chord diagram


  • F chord diagram capo

Relevant chords


  • F/E chord diagram


  • F/D chord diagram


  • F/A chord diagram

Learn from video

Try in a chord progression

F - Bb - C - Bb - F

Chords that sound good together with F major

The primary chords that sound good to combine with F in chord progressions are: Gm, Am, Bb, C, Dm.

Follow-up chords

Chords that are likely to follow F major in progressions:
› C
› Dm
› Bb

Finger position (F chord)

Index (1st) finger on 1st and 2nd (thinnest) strings, 1st fret.
Middle (2nd) finger on 3rd (thinnest) string, 2nd fret.
Ring (3rd) finger on 4th (thinnest) string, 3rd fret.

Theory of the F chord

The notes that the F chord consists of are F, A, C. The main presented version (XX3211) includes a doubled root, a third and a fifth.
To get F7 add Eb.
To get Fmaj7 add E.
To get F6 add D.


The main alternatives for the F major is the full bar fingering (133211) or the small bar fingering (XX3211).
The alternative shape XX321X uses inside strings. The first string should be omitted and muted with the side of the index finger.
F/A (XX756X): A tip is to combine it with C/G (XX555X) and Bb/F (XX333X).
F/D (XX0211): The F with D as bass note can also be played as XX0565, an F chord at the 5h fret, which also can be written FV.

Alternatives with capo

E shape with a capo on 1st fret.
D shape with a capo on 3rd fret (see picture).
C shape with a capo on 5th fret.


1st inversion: F/A (means that A is the bass note).
2nd inversion: F/C (means that C is the bass note).
Diagrams of these inversions

Assorted slash chords

Versions with alternate bass notes in short notation:

F/G: 303211
F/Bb: X13211
F/B: X2321X
F/E: 003211

Alternative chord names

F/E is identical with Fmaj7/E.
F/D is identical with F6/D and Dm7.
F/G is identical with Fadd9/G.


F (no3) is an F major with no third (A). F(no3) is theoretically identical with F5.
F (no5) is an F major with no fifth (C).

Written in tab format

- 1 -
- 1 -
- 2 -
- 3 -
- - -
- - -

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